7TH MAY 2024

Gamanet is a technology company focused on the development of open security management software since 2005. After 19 years of successful growth, we are currently a leader on the market of security management systems.

We focus our activities on systems integration for physical security. Our primary goal is to supply a top-class and timeless software solution. Outside the established position in central Europe, we have direct representation in Eastern Europe, North America, South America, the Middle east, and Australia.

Our team of creative developers, experienced marketers and support staff have already helped thousands of organizations make profitable investments in building security. We listen to you and try to understand your needs and requirements. Thanks to our international experience and individual approach, we deliver a top product and reliable services.


As Gamanet we supply the C4 System to the end users through our worldwide network of business partners. They are entitled to purchase the C4 System and sell it to other installation companies or to the end users. Our business partners are approved and certified resellers of the software. All our business partners are trained and certified experts.

After passing sales training, the business partner achieves a sales certificate, namely Standard Business partner certificate, Gold Business partner certificate, or OEM Business partner certificate. Besides that, after passing technical training, the partner achieves a technical certificate (administrator, service technician) as well. This certificate represents his qualification to professionally install the C4 System to an end user.


A part of our C4 Partnership program are the 3rd party developers. Currently, there are already more than one hundred developing groups that actively cooperate with us and are developing plugins to connect C4 with the device. After the completion of development, testing and approval these Plugins are offered to customers in the whole world via Gamanet.


Becoming our Partner comes with many benefits. You will get a chance to sale a globally successful product that already established its name in the field of security globally. Gamanet offers you promotion on our website and LinkedIn profile and a project support. You have a chance to get sales and technical training and obtain a certificate to represent our cooperation and your sales or technical knowledge about the C4 System. Moreover, as a 3rd party developer you gain a financial profit from each Plugin sold.


Do you want to become a part of the global network of our business partners, or external developers? Are you interested in offering the C4 System to your customers, joining the team of external developers, or distributing C4 with your devices? In our partnership programs, the door is open for all installation companies, distributors, hardware manufacturers and developers from around the world.

Join us on the fast wave of progress in the world of technologies! If this sounds interesting to you fill a contact form on our website or write us an email!

- Gamanet -