21ST MAY 2024

Gamanet delivers the C4 System to the end user only through its worldwide network of business partners (B2B model). They can purchase the C4 System from Gamanet and then sell it to other companies or to end users directly. If you are interested in the C4 and in cooperation with us this article informs you how the process of becoming our business partner works and what are the benefits of this partnership.

The terms and conditions of the cooperation with us are defined in detail in the C4 Partnership Program (C4PP). It is a set of business and technical rules, that describes the principles of this mutual relationship and what does partnership with us offers you.

If you are an installation company that has experience with security technologies and is able to supply complex and compact solutions to end users, becoming our business partner is a great step for your development and global achievement. The base requirement is your interest in regular and long-term use of our product C4 in your projects.


Gamanet's primary goal is to educate all the companies it cooperates with. Therefore, the most fundamental condition to become our business partner is to successfully complete the online Admin Basic training and Sales Basic training through our new Education website: https://my.c4portal.com/edu/.

Admin Basic training and Sales Basic training each consisting of 9 lessons. At the end of each lesson is a short test which will test your acquired knowledge from that specific lesson.

In this Sales Basic training, you will learn not only the basic Gamanet business rules and policies but also what are the benefits and unique features of the C4 System that meet your customers' specific needs. After completing this training, you can contact our sales department. We will go over the business opportunities with each company and then we can proceed to contract signing. Once the contract is signed, you become our business partner and Gamanet will issue you a Business Partner Certificate at the same time. The Business Partner Certificate represents a signed contract, which means that you are eligible to purchase the C4 System from us. It also declares that you are active on the market during the validity period of the certificate.

It is only the business partner who is authorized to purchase the C4 System and to have the right to register a new project with us. We also give ongoing technical and project support to always ensure quality when it comes to the C4 System deployment in projects.


OEM business partner can be a manufacturer or a distributor of any external security system. It is a special type of cooperation within the C4PP, which serves to support the sale of the C4 System through the manufacturer or a distributor of the external security system.

If you are a company that owns its own hardware and is looking for its own security management software solution you can become an OEM business partner. Depending on your needs a specific version of the C4 System is created to be sold and distributed, promoted and supported by you as an OEM business partner with your devices. With that, the OEM business partner can offer a cost-effective software solution with their hardware.

The base condition to gain and restore an OEM Business Partner Certificate is to provide the sale of the OEM edition of the C4 System exclusively with a new device. The business partner must also provide the sale of at least ten pieces of OEM server, and at least ten licenses to OEM devices in a period of one year.

OEM business partner has to complete Admin Basic and Sales Basic online training as other business partners. Thus, the OEM business partner is educated in the technical features and functionalities of the C4 System as well. After passing the online Sales Basic training along with testing, and after the contract signing and complying with all conditions, they are given an OEM Business Partner Certificate.


As Gamanet’s business partner, you are gaining multiple benefits. You will have a chance to sell a globally successful software product to your customers. We will promote you on our website www.c4portal.com and social media as our business partner. Moreover, you will get ongoing project support and sales and technical training facilitated by us. The Business Partner Certificate you get after completing the required steps and becoming our business partner is another great benefit because you can prove our mutual business cooperation. Gamanet also distinguishes discount levels in its business cooperation with business partners, depending on the achieved turnover, the scope of the project, recurring orders or distribution channels.


Our business partners are trained and certified. By that, we ensure their trustworthiness and qualification in the security market. We guarantee end users that the C4 System will be installed by a certified person.

Are you interested in cooperating with us?

Become a part of our expanding global network of business partners and join us on the fast wave of progress in the world of technology! If this sounds interesting to you fill out a contact form on our website or write us an email!

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