C4 TV guides you through the basic functionalities of C4 Transformers and its special modular structure, which conceals the timelessness of the C4 integration system. The videos offer a unique opportunity to look inside the product and learn about its benefits. 

What is C4 

You will learn about key features and characteristics of the C4 System, its main advantages, and especially benefits for the users managing security technologies.



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C4 Benefits part 1 

In this lesson, we will learn about the primary benefits that the C4 System brings to its users in various areas of building security management.

C4 Benefits part 2 

In this lesson dedicated to the benefits of the C4 System, we will focus on the advantages brought by the new generation.

C4 editions

The C4 System is a complex and flexible software that can satisfy specific needs of each customer. That's why the users can choose an edition exactly according to their requirements.

Safe Connect

Do you want to access internal data remotely and securely? More about Safe Connect, which combines advantages of a cloud solution and security of a local solution.

C4 Server Setup

We will describe the process of installation of the C4 Server and explain its basic steps. You will also learn what are the conditions which must be met before the installation.

C4 Client Setup

Do you wish to install the C4 Client? You will learn the complete procedure, all the basic steps as well as main differences between Client Hub and C4 Client.


Do you need to register your installation? We will explain how to proceed and why is registration a necessary condition for using the C4 System.

What is plugin

In this video we will show you what a Plugin is, how it works and communicates and how it can be easily used to extend and modify the functionalities of the C4 System exactly according to the customer's requirements. In addition to the Plugins of Driver
and IS Connector type, the C4 Transformers generation brings possibilities for further extensions in other areas, too. You will learn more in the following video.

How to start development

Do you want to start developing a new Plugin for the C4 System? An important prerequisite is to prepare your computer accordingly. The video focuses mainly on Plugins for integration of external systems, which are the most difficult of all Plugins.
The process of preparing the computer for Driver development consists of several important steps. Once they are successfully completed, the computer is ready and the developer can start the process of development.

steps for driver's Development

What are the first steps for a developer when developing Plugins for integration of external systems? In the context of external systems integration, the C4 System distinguishes between two types of Plugins: Driver and IS Connector. More about the Plugin of Driver type can be found in the following video – it explains in
what environment the Driver is developed, what are the specific steps of its development, as well as what is the main task of the developer during the development process.

Quick Guide

Video will guide you through the whole process of the implementation of the system for the client, at the end of which is handover of the system to the customer. Supplier account is created, devices are added to the C4 System. Another important part of implementation is creating organizational structure of the company, setting up and management of credentials. After performing all the described settings, the C4 System can be handed over to the customer.


In the first part of the three-part video called How to Develop Driver we will look into the basic principles of developing a Plugin of type Driver, designed for integration of external systems. The video focuses on the principles that we have to take into consideration while programming the Driver. Besides that, its internal architecture from a functional perspective is shortly introduced.


Second video with the name How to Develop Driver describes specific steps of its development. It also deals with Link module which is a part of Framework 4. You will learn about the basic categories of Links and get a closer look at the internal structure and role of Links that handle binary protocols.


Third part of the video How to Develop Driver explains what is Packet Processor, what are its roles and what does its structure look like. We further focus on packets, their categories and types and about how Packet Processor processes them.


The video provides an in-depth introduction to the Developer Console tool offered by Gamanet for debugging of Plugins during their development. It covers various aspects such as choosing the right platform and runtime for your Plugins, the installation and activation process of Developer Console, and preparing Plugin Solutions within Visual Studio. Additionally, it explains the recommended structure of the Solution folder.


The video is a continuation of the "Good To Know" lesson series, focusing on the Developer Console tool. Learn how to create and manage projects, including setting up folders and project parameters. The video also explains the significance of the PackageInfo project in identifying installation packages and automating Plugin upgrades within the C4 System. Moreover, the Developer Console's distinct hosting modules for each Plugin category are mentioned, along with detailed explanations of their toolbar functions using one of them as an example – the Client Panel. Additionally, the video addresses resource management (localization and images), using the specialized tool called Resources Tool.