29 APRIL 2024


The company Compactives.r.o. is our business partner and integrator of the C4 System in the Czech market. The company has many years of experience with implementation, it has participated in the launch of the software on dozens of larger and smaller installations, and hundreds of users have passed through its hands.

What is the view of a successful Czech installation company on the C4 System, how do they perceive its added value and benefits, but also what are the stories of C4 implementation among end customers? You will find out in the following article. The article, in cooperation with Compactives.r.o., was published also in the Development News magazine, which is closely targeted at developers, referees and facility managers in the field of development.

Full text of the article published in Development News:

Have the building under control

In the 21st century, for maximum efficiency, it is important to use available tools that make people's jobs easier. Facility managers can ease their work in the field of building security, for example, with handy software designed for easy management of all security systems inside and outside the building.

The C4 building management system, developed by Gamanet, is a comprehensive solution for ensuring the safety and efficient management of buildings. From our perspective as an electrical installation company that integrates this system with its customers, C4 offers many advantages and possibilities. Let's take a look at the different aspects of this system together.

1. Centralized management of security devices

The C4 System enables centralized management of various security devices in the building. This includes electronic security systems (EZS), fire alarms (EPS), camera systems (CCTV), access systems (ACS) and more. What the client previously had to monitor in different applications with different user environments can now be easily monitored and configured directly from C4.

2. Intuitive device configuration

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to configure individual devices. The electrical installation company or even the user himself can quickly set the parameters of cameras, access cards, alarms and other elements of the system so that they work together harmoniously.

3. Transparent management of users and access rights

C4 enables clear and transparent user management. In the beginning, we set up the system for the customer exactly according to his requirements, including access rights and connections between individual systems. Subsequently, the client can do everything himself after training, because the management of users and access rights is very simple.

4. Effective customer problem solving

The C4 software brings many advantages to us as an integrator as well. We can use C4 to quickly solve problems for our customers remotely. For example, in the event of an access system failure, unauthorized access or a technical fault, the system can provide accurate information and enable rapid intervention.

5. Automation of security processes

It is important for the client to make the work of the employees easier and to eliminate the error rate. C4 allows you to set automatic actions based on various events. For example, it can be set to automatically close certain entrances when a fire is detected and trigger a camera at a specific location.

6. Flexibility and scalability

The C4 System is modular and can be adapted to the specific needs of each installation. During integration, it allows us to easily expand and modify the entire system according to current requirements. In most cases, there are already Drivers for individual peripherals, and if not, the developers can help very quickly and program the missing Drivers.

Overall, Gamanet's C4 System is an exceptional tool that offers clients a top-level security solution.

We have already used the C4 System for many customers, both for individual buildings, production halls and entire premises. For example, for CTP Invest, the connection of systems in the premises on different buildings represented an almost insurmountable obstacle. The facility manager had no overview of what was happening across the entire campus and had to use several different systems and log into individual buildings. By using C4, we were able to simplify the entire site monitoring process to just a few clicks. And that's not all, we connected three CT Park campuses via a wireless connection, and all of them can be easily managed centrally via C4.

A very interesting use proving the flexibility of both the software and the developers themselves is represented by the project, when we solved the implementation of C4 for the FTV Prima building across the existing attendance and access systems with a connection to a camera system, EPS, etc. The challenge was to add a parking system to the system and simplify the creation process for new users by scanning an identity document. In addition, for easier management of employees, the access system was connected to the HR database, where current information is entered automatically. Under all circumstances, only authorized persons will enter the building. Thanks to the integration of C4 and the consolidation of all other security systems, it was possible to make the work of many people from different departments easier, and now no one can move around the building that security does not have an overview of.

Connecting systems from different manufacturers is our domain, despite the fact that it's usually a task that nobody wants to undertake. Therefore, if you are dealing with a similar problem and are looking for a suitable solution, do not hesitate to contact us.

- Gamanet -