Who is Pro systems

Gamanet representative in UAE

After working in multiple national and international security installation companies for more than a decade, a group of engineers decided to initiate Pro Systems to be a dedicated company which works as a distributor for many unique products and on the top of them “C4” by “Gamanet”. A team of like-minded and determined individuals, all sharing a vision for success, believing that sophisticated technology has the potential to become and industry sensation.

In a short period of time, Pro Systems signed many contracts with domestic business partners and started implementing many projects on the ground. The main aim is to connect security systems developers and security equipment manufacturers with the suitable business partners.

Field studies are an opportunity to suggest the best solutions for customers and connect them with the installation companies. Technical and sales support for C4 end users and business partners is possible through developing relationships that make a positive difference in customers' lives. Willing to make a difference every day, Pro Systems constantly push themselves to be at their best. The focus is on solution, to satisfy customers’ needs.

We want to give our customers and partners the best security solutions in our fast-growing world where people don’t have to worry about their security ever again.