4TH JUNE 2024

The aim of Gamanet as a software company is first and foremost the education of the companies which it cooperates with. Our C4 Partnership Program (C4PP) distinguishes between two types of cooperation: business and technical. The business cooperation was described in Edition 2 of the C4 Newsletter published on the 21st of May 2024. In the following article we will explain the technical part of the cooperation with Gamanet in detail.


The technical part of the C4PP refers to the cooperation with the trained persons, which can be for example an engineer, an administrator, a designer, etc. It starts with an online person registration and a successful completion of a relevant technical online trainings available on our new Education website: https://my.c4portal.com/edu/. These trainingsare valid one year after its successful completionand we recommend it to everyone interested in getting to know the C4 System. 

Through the Education website, you can develop your skills and make yourself belong among the highly qualified experts in your professional field. With online courses, you will get not only unique information but also many important things connected with it. After the training you can for example, download the beta and demo version of the C4 System. Only the C4 System installed by a trained person is provided a warranty and technical support by Gamanet.


Technical cooperation is intrinsically linked to a business cooperation. Online course Administrator Basic is giving a comprehensive knowledge. It is a starting course for potential business partners interested in buying and subsequently selling the C4 System to the next business partner or end user. It is a basic training which clearly summarizes the functionalities, features, benefits, as well as the markets for which System C4 is designed. After completing this technical course, a specific business course (Sales Basic)focusing on the sales parameters and rules of cooperation with Gamanet follows.


One of the basic rules of Gamanet is that the installation of the C4 System must be carried out only by a technically trained person. Do you need to know how to configure and manage the C4 System, assign access rights and permissions to the users, add new devices to the system, or register an end user's installation? After completion of the Administrator Basic training, is trained person allowed to install, manage and administer the whole C4 System. This ensures a professional approach to the overall implementation of the C4 System. Trained person must follow the instructions defined by Gamanet in the relevant documentation when installing and implementing the system. Moreover, the end user is professionally informed in detail about all the parameters and features of the C4 System, the conditions of their installation, the impact of their deployment on the end user as well as Gamanet's trade policy.


Do you want to know, how to connect specific device into the C4 System? There are 3 steps of education required by Gamanet to complete if you want to be certified for connection of a specific device in the C4 System.

First step is a completion of the online Administrator Basic training, which provides you with a basic knowledge about the C4 System. Second step is participation in a training given by a manufacturer of the external system. Lastly, Gamanetcontinues to the training on connecting this specific external system to the C4 System.

Once you have completed this training procedure, you can connect specific devices in the C4 System and Gamanet hold warranties on such installation.


Gamanet is offering 12 calendar months of warranty to the System C4. It only applies to the officially released version of the product, (intended for commercial sale) that have been performed by a trained person.The type of training depends on the scope of the specific installation.If the installation of the system was carried out by a person without training, the C4 warranty will not apply. During the warranty period, Gamanet is committed to support resolving of warranty defects of the C4 to ensure its functionality.

You also get a warranty of two weeks on services such as consultation, troubleshooting included in service support, training, project support previously provided by Gamanet. 


Service support is one of the services provided by Gamanet and is intended for all trained person. They receive it according to the category and scope of the successfully completed training available on Education website. Service support is provided for a period of 24 calendar months and it means assistance and support to our business partners in troubleshooting and resolving reported errors in the System C4. The specific types of service support, its rules and conditions are listed on the Product website.

It is important to note that Gamanet will only provide service support to the end user if the installation was performed by a trained and certified Business partner under the C4PP rules.


Are you curious to try the beta versions of C4 System? Do you want to get the C4 demo version? After completing Administrator Basic training, you will get the right to download them from our Downloads website: https://my.c4portal.com/downloads/ui/current-version.html.


Our technical partners are trained and well-educated. By that, we ensure their trustworthiness and qualification in the security market. Getting a technical education about the C4 System leads to guaranteed warranty and support by Gamanet, a possibility to download demo, beta version of the software, and much more.

Are you interested in cooperating with us?

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