C4 Smart Office is a progressive solution specifically designed for smaller companies. It offers a security guarantee as well as intelligent management of the offices. Cameras, card readers, motion detectors, lighting. You can manage all connected devices distantly – practically and effectively via the mobile application C4 Mobile.

  • Complex operation of the offices via the mobile phone
  • Maximum security and comfort guarantee
  • Security control also distantly
  • Affordable solution for small projects
  • Popular technology Plug&Play
  • Intuitive installation without any additional training


Edition C4 Smart Office brings an innovative way of thinking. It meets with the ideas of intelligent, complex, and automatized management. Thanks to its openness and universality, it integrates devices exactly due to your expectations. C4 Smart Office easily interconnects technologies of various types and brands and perfectly synchronizes their activities.


Since all connected systems communicate with each other, routine activities are completely automatized. Additionally, their management in the mobile application C4 Mobile is unbelievably intuitive. At one moment, your workplace becomes an intelligent place in which the systems cooperate problem-free.

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We transferred our long-time experience with the development of the C4 Software gained during the implementation of the extensive projects into an affordable solution for smaller companies while the origin of this edition – C4 Smart Office. Besides the product designated for complex projects, we offer you a solution designed for demanding customers of smaller office areas.


A part of C4 Smart Office is also a popular computer technology Plug & Play. Connected hardware is easily plugged in and used. The System C4 identifies a new device and installs it immediately. No additional changes of settings or installation are needed, the connection will take just a few seconds.


Do you use multiple access control systems in your company? Would you like to assign permissions to your employees distantly? The unified and distant management of all your devices becomes a reality with the edition C4 Smart Office. At one moment, a basic office changes into a modern and intelligent workplace. Standard access control system, a system of closing the doors, gates in the parking, face recognition, license plate recognition, intercom.. all systems perfectly interconnected. The way a person identifies does not matter. The employees may use cards, access codes, or fingerprints. The setting of the persons‘ permissions is fully synchronized in C4 Smart Office through all technologies. Besides that, all accesses of the persons are managed centrally via a practical application C4 Mobile.

C4 Smart Office offers limitless setting possibilities. Access possible only during the standard work time or the special day or night regime. You can assign permissions also due to the work calendar. You can allow access to various places only during a specific part of the day. The scale of the permissions set is varied, and it reflects the needs of your company. On workdays, only the first employee has the right to unlock and the last to lock the office. You can restrict the identification of a person for the most important access places at any time. Even your main entrance to the office may work in a special regime – access with a PIN code will be allowed just after the prior authorization of a person in a safer way. All actions are executed automatically. The exact rules and conditions are set by you.

The System C4 takes care of your comfort. Since it can execute many routine actions, it removes repeated usage of identification cards or PIN code entering of the employees. C4 Smart Office adapts to your requirements and grants maximum security and control over your workplace. It fulfills your dreams about a perfect, functional, and practical system.

  • All Access Control Systems are operated by one application
  • Standard access control
  • Access control by the lock on the office door
  • Access control by Intercom
  • License Plate Recognition and Face Recognition via cameras
  • Compatibility of all permission types
  • Unified management of the employees and permissions
  • Smart routines for simple access in work time
  • Regime day/night with the holidays calendar

Edition C4 Smart Office offers you a unique opportunity – distant monitoring of the security in your building and its surroundings. A permanent 24/7 overview via the application C4 Mobile and the new technology C4 Safe Connect. You can operate the actual information of the security situation in your workplace and all incidents flexibly via the mobile application regardless of your accurate location.

The central database of the employees in the System C4 grants fast management of their access and permissions. You can evaluate the situation in the object quickly thanks to the intelligent interconnection of the C4 Smart Office with access or camera systems. The System C4 constantly monitors the areas. Therefore, it executes an automatic security action immediately after receiving information – locking the door in the building after unauthorized access to a room.

C4 Smart Office fulfills all your expectations. Even you would like to set disarming of the whole object by the arrival of the first employee or arming of the areas by the last leaving employee. The motion detectors or window sensors in the offices connected to the System C4 supervise the security of your workplace. You will have a maximum awareness of people entering your office as well as availability to restrict access to some parts.

You do not need the connection to the Alarm receiving center to receive information about the security status in your offices anymore. C4 Smart Office will completely replace it as the system which identifies the problem in the offices immediately. It will warn you about the object violation by unauthorized access and alarm activation by sending a notification. Wherever you are, the control over your company is with the application C4 Mobile easily in your hands.

  • The managements of codes from the central database of employees
  • Remote monitoring of the security situation
  • Remote starting and management of incidents
  • Notifications of the security incidents in the mobile application
  • Interoperability of multiple technologies with the access system
  • Dynamic management of permissions in the mobile application

With C4 Smart Office you have a detailed overview of actual events in the company directly on your mobile phone. The System grants you exact information about the events which are taking place at the moment or took place in the past over the monitored area. Thanks to the connection of your camera systems you can play the video records retrospectively or even search for a specific time frame based on the concrete situation. You will value the constant accessibility of the live broadcast of your offices based on the distant authorized access as well. Thanks to the mobile application C4 Mobile you can monitor the events any time and any place you consider to be the right or needed.

The range of usage of video surveillance systems in the edition C4 Smart Office is really wide. From simple monitoring of interior and exterior areas of the company to intelligent complex systems cooperating with other electronic intrusion systems. Besides the screen recording and object controlling, you allow access to your employees and incoming visitors via camera. Not only to parking but also to the main entrance to the building. The System C4 covers several smart functionalities for example License Plate Recognition or Face Recognition.

It is enough to upload the license plate into your mobile phone. The camera recognizes it automatically while entering the object, and the system opens the main gate and allows access to parking. Modern intelligence steps over even the borders of your office thanks to the technology Smart Gate. It is possible to upload also faces into C4 Smart Office. The camera allows the entrance of the employee or visitor after face recognition. Thanks to the interconnection of the module Smart Reception, a visitor gets comfortably to the object and is present at the meeting without any need for access cards or PINs but still with an emphasis on your security.

  • Distant authorized live access to cameras
  • Browsing video records based on activities‘ logs from other integrated devices
  • Integration of face recognition and license plate recognition with the access systems
  • Automatic pop-up window of selected incidents

Intelligent planning of visit, setting of access before its arrival, simple evidence of incoming persons as well as fast reservation of the meeting rooms for the visitors. Via the module Smart Reception, the management of your visits runs automatically in the System C4. Thanks to the connected ID reader and digital signature you can manage your visits fully-fledged from your mobile phone. Smart Reception replaces the lengthy daily activities of your receptionist with the new intelligence.

The authorization of a visitor in your company is very fast and safe. The system allows access only to the rooms you select. It is enough to put an assigned QR code or an access card to the reader, catch a face while the entrance of the camera or recognize a fingerprint of the visitor. It depends on your preferences and installed devices. The System C4 sets permissions for a specific access point to persons dynamically in all technologies. Due to security reasons, it is valid only during the visit for a specific period of time before and after the meeting. Out of this time, the access of this person is strictly denied.

And how the planning of a visit takes place in the edition C4 Smart Office? An employee selects the time of a meeting in the system. He is automatically redirected to the reservation system of rooms, which picks a free room and reserves it. At that moment, a visit receives a unique QR code by email or notification message. After the arrival to the object, a visitor activates his visit by the code on the laser reader. The system approves the validity of QR code by the activation of a visit and an employee automatically receives a notification that a visit is already present in the building. All processes of Smart Reception work synchronically and very effectively. In addition, C4 Smart Office interconnects the systems with the module Smart Gate. So, the activities of the reception are automatized also for the arrival of a visit to the parking. If you registered the license plate in advance, the gate grants access to a visitor after the license plate recognition.

Fully automatized, highly intelligent and complex solution. It helps to take control over your visits. The Self-Reception may look even like this in the edition of C4 Smart Office.

  • Planning of visits with the notification of visitor
  • Automatic login of the visitors with the notification of a visited person
  • Definition of corridors to control access by a visited person
  • Dynamical access to parking based on LPR
  • Integration of reservation systems of the meeting rooms
  • Integration of digital signatures and ID readers

The popular technology Intercom contributes to the complexity of the edition C4 Smart Office. You can fully use its potential with the System C4 – video and audio transmission in high HD quality, access control to the object. Since C4 Smart Office interconnects Intercom with the systems of access control, from now on, you can manage the permissions of your employees in a unified way, even for other access control systems. One card for the Iintercom on the main gate as well as for the entrance to the office. You do not have to lose your time anymore by a lengthy assignment of the access permissions. C4 manages all connected systems at one time. It serves as a central database of the information of the employees, their permissions, telephone numbers, codes, which it keeps always actual. You can complexly manage and fastly and synchronically configure all these data in C4.

Intercom is a big contribution not only to the management of the employees but also visitors thanks to the module Smart Reception. You can manage incoming visits even distantly in the modern application C4 Mobile. Directly from your workplace. A visitor selects any specific employee informed by mail or notification about his arrival by the main entrance on the keypad of the Intercom. An employee may even see a visitor standing by the main entrance via the application on his mobile phone. We secured perfect audio quality even in a noisy environment to make your mutual communication fluent and smooth

What in a case when a visitor calls an employee who finished his working time already or is out of the office? C4 Smart Office thinks of everything. The setting of the day and night regime selects the time in which you can contact an employee through the Intercom. The System C4 can also evaluate if a person is still in the object or already left the workplace by itself. C4 Smart Office is a high-tech solution that secures maximum comfort and safety for the employees as well as a comfortable entrance for your visits.

  • Automatic programming of the employees extensions
  • You can see and hear all visitors in HD quality
  • Great clearness even in a noisy environment
  • Access control system integrated in Intercom
  • Dynamic setting of the access permissions for a visitor according to the location of a visited person via the module Smart Reception
  • Day/Night remige of the setup of calls
  • Answering of visitors via mobile application

Environmental protection is an important topic nowadays. Discussions about saving natural resources and electric energy take place on international forums often. We think of our planet too. Thanks to the module Lighting your offices become ecological and environment-friendly office rooms. C4 Smart Office mutually interconnects technologies burdened by the consumption of electric energy the most – lighting, heating, cooling down, air conditioning (HVAC). The specific time of its turn up is set automatically according to your working calendar or on the base of the information from another device. In addition, the operation and monitoring of the technologies are very comfortable with C4 Smart Office. You can easily set the heating regime or control the lighting practically in the mobile application C4 Mobile. Saving of energies means saving your time.

C4 Smart Office offers a wide scale of automatic actions with the module Lighting and is an economically interesting solution for your company. Besides the connection of complicated lighting systems, it offers the integration of the most popular systems available in the common trade networks. It adapts to your technological needs as well as the price requirements to equip the office rooms.

A module Lighting creates modern intelligence with access and intrusion systems. It manages the lighting of your offices sophistically. The system automatically turns on the lighting in the office after the authorization of an employee and turns off after the de-authorization of a person. Even the motion detectors work in a regime that after some time of the motion absence the lights automatically turn off. Do not waste electricity by lighting the empty offices anymore. In addition, the system automatically secures the comfortable temperature of the reserved room before the planned meeting by the connection of the module Smart Reception. Without any additional activities. All activities are centrally managed in C4 Smart Office.

  • Integration of the most popular lighting systems
  • Considerable solution to save energy
  • Smart routines activated through other activities of the integrated technologies
  • Monitoring and distant control

Do you use more access cards to your offices? Did you forget to take it and you are not able to get into the building or parking? With the technology C4 Mobile Credentials you do not need to carry any identification cards. The application C4 Mobile is enough, so the data to open the door are located directly in your mobile phone. Do not waste time looking for your card anymore. You are using only one card – the virtual in your mobile phone – to all offices situated even in different places. One identification card will grant access to all offices of your company from now on.

The use of the application C4 Mobile as a standard access card is very practical and simple. You will activate the function of usage of the mobile application as a card by the installation of the C4 Smart Office. You will receive a unique number immediately, and you can start to use it. The physical card becomes a past by that moment. In addition, the unique number is automatically registered and paired with the specific person already created in the System C4. Assignment of a unique number to each user is based on modern technology HID Mobile credentials – the world standard with the warranty of high credibility.

It is possible to use two communication channels for the contactless use of mobile. The application is fully functioning on all integrated access control systems supporting technology NFC or Bluetooth. After approaching the mobile to the reader, you will open the door to the office, enter the elevator or come into the parking. You will use the number of the virtual identification card in all your access control systems. Only one permission for multiple installations C4 anywhere in the world. C4 Mobile Credentials – practical solution for maximum comfort, high security, and problem-free access to your company.

  • Implemented technology HID Mobile Credentials
  • Use of C4 Mobile as standard access card to open door
  • Automatic registration of the number of your card in the System C4
  • Increased operational effectivity of the card management
  • One permission for multiple installations of the System C4
  • Supported standards NFC and Bluetooth