15 DECEMBER 2022

New version of the C4 Integrated Security System C4 2022 is available now. Our team of developers worked on the new features and functionalities to make the C4 System more comfortable and to meet your requirements and expectations.

In addition to improving some functionalities, features, and removing system errors and problems, we focused on one of the most requested attributes from customers in the previous period during the development of the new version. Meeting the parameters of the standard in the area of safety - EN 50131 European standard for alarm systems, which determines the requirements for electrical security and emergency alarm systems installed in buildings. The mentioned standard defines the primary rules for hardware devices but also determines several requirements for the software through which these devices are managed.

Since C4 is a software solution managing multiple devices, the specified standard is also applied to the C4 System. In the new version of C4 2022 parameter required by the standard, the automatic locking of the application when the operator is inactive, was met. Thanks to this functionality, the software not only complies with the standard of the security standard but we have once again moved the C4 System to a higher security level.

This is just one example from our varied portfolio of novelties. Try the new C4 2022 version and enjoy all its advantages.

- Gamanet -