26 JANUARY 2023

As you may have heard recently, we have been working on a new generation of C4. The new generation, codenamed Transformers, has been in development since 2018. It will focus on increasing the system‘s performance, expanding Linux support, a full-fledged mobile application, better user experience, and most importantly, much greater openness of the system to customization. Support for independent developers will also be significantly enhanced.

Mainly to support Linux, the whole application was programmed from the scratch and has taken us 4 years of hard work. These days we have finished the development of functionalities in scope of previous generations. By learning from the past, we want to avoid the complications of the launch in 2017. Therefore, before the final release to the market, we want to take a very thorough look at the documentation and stabilization of the product. Of course, several pilot projects will be needed for final testing and fine-tuning of the app. On each of the project we will test some parts of the system.

C4 Transformers is currently being successfully deployed on its first pilot installation.  In this rather complex project, we are testing how the new user interface will be received by the users. The next step is to test the performance limits of the overall solution. We know from internal tests that C4 Transformers can process thousands of events per second on a regular PC. However, we want to verify these limits in the real world before using them in projects. And last but not least, we want to complete the documentation for you, so that you have a maximum of information at hand directly in the project. To make the training easier and the documentation more accessible, we are working on new websites.

We expect the pilots to be completed within the next few months. This includes fine-tuning the reported bugs. Of course, our goal is to support you in your current projects as much as possible. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that every installation of the C4 System that is purchased this year will receive a free upgrade to C4 Transformers until the next generation is released. You will be able to make use of the upgrade at your own discretion. There is no expiration date.

- Gamanet -