4 OCTOBER 2023

Exhibition of equipment, technologies and software for
technical, physical, and cyber security

On October 4th and 5th, 2023, the International Security Industry Trade Show SECURITY 2.0 took place at the ACCO International Center in Kyiv. Despite the current war situation in Ukraine, these days were dedicated not only to exhibitions, but thanks to the thematic forums also to discussions about the challenges that need to be addressed in these demanding times. The event focused on seeking technological solutions, discussing cyber threats, and safeguarding critical infrastructure.

Thanks to our long-standing business partner CENTURION, participants at the international exhibition had the opportunity to learn about our C4 System. We greatly appreciate that our partners devote their efforts to present the C4 System despite the events unfolding in Ukraine.

The SECURITY 2.0 exhibition also introduced interesting security innovations. 90 companies from Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia, and Switzerland presented the latest security solutions and innovative technologies. It was space not only for sharing ideas and experiences, but also for communication among representatives of government institutions, manufacturers, suppliers, and specialists with the aim of collectively finding optimal solutions.

- Gamanet -