16 NOVEMBER 2023


We will celebrate the successful end of the year 2023 with a new international member of our ever-expanding Gamanet family. To the branches in North and South America, or the Middle East, another one was added under the name Gamanet Development LPP, namely in the Indian city of Bangalore. This representation of ours on the Asian continent will be oriented primarily towards development and will cover the integration of devices into the C4 System.

It was no accident that we decided to establish our new branch directly in Bangalore. This city is known worldwide as the Silicon Valley of India. It is also known as:
- one of the top technological clusters in India
- a city full of a skillful workforce
- a home of GCCs of big companies such as SAP labs, IBM, or Accenture
- its big potential for future world technological development.

Big thanks go to the entire team of the local Indian companies Pozitiv Partners and ACZ Global Pvt Ltd. Thanks to their proactive approach and high professionalism, we were able to quickly establish ourselves in this region.

We are proud to have a branch next to the R&D centres of big firms, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Nokia, and Siemens. We are also excited to see what opportunities will this new location bring to us!

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new Gamanet advancement!

- Gamanet -