A new version of the C4 2023 is released and available to download for your projects and installations. Our team of developers worked again this year, so this already final version of the generation 2016 gives you additional advantages and benefits.

Our main focus was on system stabilization. A lot of mistakes were removed to get a more comfortable usage of the C4 System.

Moreover, this new version ensures a smooth transition to a new generation already in development, C4 Transformers, which is going to replace generation C4 2016 next year. Version 2023 is in fact technically fully tailored to perform an effective and optimal migration to the new generation of the system.

New version C4 2023 is available at: https://my.c4portal.com/downloads/ui/current-version.html

Before downloading, it is necessary to finish an Administrator basic course on our Education web which will not only lead you through the process of system installation but also teach you a lot of interesting facts about the C4 System.

With the C4 2023 version, we are finishing a period of generation 2016 and are entering an era of Transformers. We believe that this version is going to provide you comfort while using the C4 System as well as sufficiently prepare your projects for the new generation C4 Transformers!

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