14 DECEMBER 2023

Do you know our YouTube channel? 

We regularly provide you with information, thanks to which you can learn how to fully use and manage the C4 System as well as how to expand it with new systems and security devices on our YouTube channel. It is intended not only for end users but also for traders and developers, who can expand the application with additional modules according to customer requirements.

  1. Stay informed: Our professional team works on regular content uploads, updates and adds important information.
  2. Get to know the C4 System: educational videos in which audiovisual content is enhanced with explanatory diagrams and graphs.
  3. Use the C4 System to its fullest: learn how to use all the functionalities and options that the system offers to you.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel Gamanet a.s., where you can find application demos, installation manuals, an overview of the latest functionalities of the C4 System, and much more. You can add subtitles in different languages to the original English version of the video which makes the videos available for everyone.

The videos are also available on www.c4portal.com in the C4 TV section.

- Gamanet -