05 DECEMBER 2019

Gamanet company comes with brand new proposal of support services for your projects. We respond to the increasing requirements for additional services to the complex software solutions, as comprehensive consecutive technical and project support.

Primarily we want to account all your individual projects support needs. Therefore, we newly establish more levels of partner´s support, to provide each partner with a transparent and guaranteed response times and scope of support. The 3 support levels will be available to our partners, reflecting the scope of cooperation and the achieved level in our partner´s program. These levels will be initially set in accordance with the valid discount levels, with an optional upgrade to a higher level if needed.

Another innovation introduced within the partner´s program is a Project management service. The principle of this service is to provide Gamanet´s own specialist to a specific project based on partner´s requirement. We have introduced this service to cope with countless requests of our partners, coming mainly from implementation of extensive projects, where a real comprehensive support as well as the continuous communication with the end users is required during the entire run of the project – the design, deployment and the hand over. We at Gamanet were extending our technical team capacity during past years, so we can offer such professional support directly at complex projects all over the world. Our sales colleagues will introduce our new services portfolio as well as outline the actual conditions of technical and project support during regular meetings with you within next year.

We believe that our diverse portfolio of services will not only meet your project needs but also meet all your expectations.

- Gamanet -