Scalability, complexity, open architecture, maximal flexibility... Thanks to unique combination of specific features, C4 software can cover all the needs of different market segments. Whether it is security of small facilities or big operations of various complexity, System C4 can satisfy all the needs of difficult projects and change the complicated world of security to simple and accessible.


Do you need new functionality or do you miss a specific module? We will extend and adapt the existing application to you. Simple Client is a new generation of SDK designated for the developers as an entrance gate to the information about the System C4. Thanks to Simple Client, the programmers developer and extent the application according to the specific requirements of the customer. Even developers of Gamanet use the same SDK as the external groups of developers. Hence, the interconnection of the System C4 into one complex aggregate is compatible and very simple.


Small facilities, administrative centers, and critical objects. The transformational technology of the new generation C4 Transformers is the result of the will to progress and cover the needs of the whole market. The System C4 is maximally flexible and covers the installation areas of various complexity. It satisfies even specific requirements of the customer for concrete functionalities or language mutations.


Special modular structure – that is where the timelessness of the System C4 is hidden. Do you need small, simple installations or demanding and complex solutions? C4 will adapt to any requests. Our technology allows the information system to extend itself to any other functionalities or modules at any time. The system is always one step ahead of the requirements of the era, and adapts to the new specifications of your installation.


The special architecture of System C4 comes from the development of small compatible modules. By the usage of a combination of various modules (client, server, database..) we will build diverse configurations of the system according to the needs of the specific market. From the basics to the complex, great and complicated solutions. All the modules of System C4 are connected through Simple Client. It is a base for development of modules and takes care of the applications access to remote C4 data from any platform.


The open architecture enables simple and fast integration of the devices from outstanding manufacturers. In the process of integration into the System C4, we use direct cooperation with the prominent world manufacturers of devices. In concrete projects, we cooperate with the local manufacturers in the chosen regions of the world. The number of integrated devices is constantly increasing and its number is unlimited.


C4 provides a unified environment to monitor and control all security devices. This system significantly reduces the costs of training the operating personnel. It is not necessary for users to know all the details of security systems they control. Permission settings, issuing orders to devices and other actions are performed the same way for all security devices, regardless of device or its manufacturer. Specific devices are controlled through a single software from the central server. The amount of operated devices and client stations is limited only by the servers capacity.