Unified management of devices, automatization of processes, or decrease of the operating costs. The System C4 is not just a product, it is a solution of your requirements. Achieve independence from the devices’ manufacturer, manage your technologies centrally. Get to know all the benefits of the System C4 which are brought to the customers daily.

Unified management
of devices

With the System C4, you are managing more than 350 different security devices from various manufacturers in one unified user environment. Access, camera, intrusion, fire protection, or intercom. All are managed and operated centrally, from one place in real time. Regardless of their amount. Thanks to the System C4 you can get rid of difficult technical training for the operation of each specific device.

Central administration
of the access permissions

The integration system C4 enables the central evidence of all persons with access permissions to the objects. Namely for all access and intrusion systems. Thanks to that, you can speed up and simplify the overall management of the security devices. The System C4 facilitates connecting to the central personal systems in the future with the ability to process personal information automatically and its subsequent reflection into the setting of permissions. The software C4 enables not only automatic settings but also the cancellation of the permissions in regard to the change of employment.

Independence from
the manufacturer of devices

The System C4 integrates various devices from more than 150 world and local manufacturers of different brands. All connected devices are managed in a unified way which enables the choice of an optimal solution according to the project specifications regardless of the administration and management of the overall security solution. This independence increases the competing environment of the manufacturers and suppliers of the individual security systems which in the end has a positive effect on the final price of the supply.

of processes

The existence of the central security solution is an ideal base for the creation of the security procedures with a strongly higher portion of the automatization. Centrally stored data from the individual systems enables the creation of the automatic actions in order to speed up the service activities. During the automatic sending of the information regarding the technical failures from the devices directly to the contractual and service organizations, C4 secures an accelerated reaction in order to remove it, following with control as well. Also, C4 enables automatized informing of all the departments which should be part of their resolution when the security incident occurs. In case of any delayed reaction of the responsible person, C4 offers a possibility to escalate the incident to the superior employee.

Easy exchange
of the supplier

Gamanet as a producer of the Integrated security system C4 is characterized by its open business policy. According to its business policy, it offers extensive technical and project support of the installation and the subsequent maintenance of the System C4 to its business partners, alternatively to the end-users. Gamanet provides the System C4 with the guarantees even in the case of the supplier, or the service organization change if the simple principles are being followed.

Decrease of
the operating costs

Thanks to the centralized management of the information from all integrated systems, using C4 contributes to a considerable decrease of the operating costs. Every integrated system (access, intrusion, video, fire) is installed as a separate solution with a separate database, access permissions’ settings, and the collection of the devices’ status information. At the moment when all this information is collected into one centralized item, C4 offers a complete and comprehensive overview of the statuses of all security systems and the whole security solution. C4 creates much more effective support and management of the security procedures as well as the crisis situations. Based on the collected information from all the connected technologies C4 creates space for highly competent security decisions.