5 OCTOBER 2023

"Home made" specialties from the software house

We´re known as a software house with international experience, worldwide operation and a unique C4 product. But did you know that behind the gates of Gamanet you will find a garden full of flowers, trees and fruits? An almond orchard, wine grapes, rosehips, exotic figs, nuts, in autumn you can pick apples or pears from the tree. 

This orchard is not just an oasis of peace for all of us, but also a place for inspiration and birth of new ideas. Also, depending on the season, we prepare various specialties from the precious garden fruits. This year, we've already produced our second batch of the company fig jam, which we will enjoy during our Christmas breakfast.

Since our team is full of creativity and good ideas, we have made fermented juice from the red grapes, which is typical for our region and the autumn season. The very first production of this fermented grape juice was
a big success and we are already looking forward to the next year, when we will enrich our craft production in Gamanet with another new "home-made" product.

- Gamanet -