How to become a partner


C4 system implementation is carried out exclusively through a network of contract and certified partners. Our partners are stable companies that are able to meet the high quality requirements of complex deliveries. Gamanet guarantees the quality of delivery of the C4 system through the training and certification of our partner's employees through our C4PP partner program. The list of our partners and the scope of their expertise allows our customers to select the solution supplier that can provide the highest quality of delivery.

Partner certification is time limited and is renewed on the basis of quality and scope of completed projects.

Gamanet a. s. guarantees the quality of the C4 integrated security system delivery by its certified partners.

System Integrator Certificate

Gamanet’s policy is to increase end users satisfaction of the C4 application. The main objective of the Gamanet’s Quality Management System is to increase the credibility and prestige of the company as well as its partners, which is important for acquiring new customers and contracts.

Gamanet System Integrator Certified Partner is representing partner’s experience and the ability of deploying the C4 integrated system, even in the most demanding requirements. This is reflected in the unique approach to individual customer requirements, offering the unique combination of system integrator’s services and services tailored for customer’s specific needs.

The System Integrator Certificate is issued for the period of one year. Partner with System Integrator Certificate obtains competitive advantage over other companies in their business and marketing activities.

Conditions for obtaining / renewal of the System Integrator Certificate

  1. Partner must have implemented installation of a larger scale (hereinafter referred to as ‘referential installation’).

    The main criteria of referential installation are:
    • deployment of the C4 Advanced application for a minimum of one year;
    • interface of at least three geographically distant devices;
    • implementation of 4 technologies (ACS, IPS, CCTV, FPS);
    • management of cards, codes and authorizations;
    • minimum of 5 users of the C4 system;
    • partner must have certified personnel1 for all used devices and C4 server;
    • written reference from end user acknowledging the range validity of the installation as referential, and will provide feedback about the referential installation deployment.
  2. Partner must have annual turnover in accordance with discount group D32.

  3. Partner must present excellent results continuously, measured by customer’s satisfaction (benefits of the C4 deployment on customers’ installation are provided by customer on a letterhead paper and given to Gamanet as references, giving Gamanet authorization for commercial use in accordance with Gamanet’s business activities).

  4. Partner must ensure technical support to its realized installations seven days per week, during 24 hours within the defined location.

1 person certification means the authorization to install C4 server and connection of individual technologies to C4 server (continuity in the training area and implementation of C4 application in practice)

2 according to Gamanet business policy