What Is C4?

C4 is an integrated security system that provides a centralized multiuser solution for building security management.


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Version C4 2019 available

Dear partner,

after several month lasting work of our development team we have released the new C4 2019 version of C4 integration security system. The new version comes with key features to satisfy your requirements and expectations.

The new version includes the following key features:
-    Improved cybersecurity of C4 application
-    Possibility to detect and automatically deactivate idle persons
-  New edition C4 Enterprise available to interconnect multiple autonomous C4 installations of one customer into a centralized management of critical operations
-    Enhanced support for operators working with multiple time zones
-    New utility added for more effective migration from third party application to C4 system
-    Updated version of system prerequisities

As the new version contains contains several new features and significant changes, we recommend to C4 Administrators to apply for a renewal training for version C4 2019. Please send your training requests to our customer care department.

We assure you that the higher level of security would be granted to you thanks to the new features and improved functionalities of the new C4 2019 version.

András Mészáros
C4 Product Manager



How can I get C4?

C4 Integration Security System is performed exclusively by certified partners. View our list of partners to leverage the powerful integration of C4, and be a part of a unique development providing you the most efficient, flexible and resilient security system configuration.

Newest Partners

19.05.2020 - SOLUTRONIC.SAS (COL)
30.03.2020 - ENGIE Services a.s. (SVK)
15.03.2020 - Icot Egypt (EGY)


What’s integrated?

Select your security device and manage it by C4. C4 guarantees certified drivers approved by manufacturer representatives, authorized resellers and ensures maximum availability for your individual requirements.

Latest Certifications

06.05.2020 - VideoXpert3
24.01.2019 - APOLLO Solution F1/F2
30.11.2018 - Measure-in-Motion