Marian Gál
Chairman of the Board and CEO

After completing his studies in the field of automation technology at the Slovak University of Technology, he participated in several projects of large database solutions deployment. He is dedicated to the integration of security systems since 1999. As one of the founder of Gamanet Company he participated in designing and developing at the initial stages. Subsequently he devoted himself to the development of business activities. Currently he is in charge of the company's management and responsible for the expansion to the new markets.

Jiří Michalčík
Product manager of C4

During his studies he was interested in cryptography, network communication and design of communication protocols. As a developer, he participated in projects in the field of network communications. He also collaborated in the design and development of cryptographic security solutions for the first pure Internet bank in Czech Republic. As one of the charter members of Gamanet he initiated the concept of C4 project and he is currently working as a product manager of C4.

Peter Kornalský
Project manager of C4 development

He graduated at the Faculty of Economic informatics at University of Economics in Bratislava. As one of the first developers of Gamanet he participated in the birth of C4 product. At Gamanet he started as a database developer, but during the years of development he has participated almost at all areas of development and deployment of C4 system. Currently he works as a project manager and he’s the head of the C4 product development team.

Stanislava Madlušková
Manager of Customer care and trainings

She graduated from Philosophical faculty at Palacký University Olomouc. She studied Adult education at the Department of Andragogy. In her early years at the field of building security - she used the knowledge acquired at the Secondary school of Electrical Engineering. She is one of the co-founders of the Gamanet Company. At that time she was responsible for business development in corporate segment. She worked as a Sales representative at the Slovak market, in the present time she is the head of the customers care department. She is responsible for C4 trainings of the partners.

Jan Pšenička
VP Sales & Marketing

He graduated from Faculty of civil engineering at Czech technical University in Prague. He has 20 years of experience in integration of large projects at the field of security technologies. In his early years he gradually gained his experience of the business and realization department of an international company, where he later served as a chief technology officer in Prague.

Prior to his involvement in Gamanet he worked, for 10 years, as a director of private company engaged in distribution of security system application and integrated solutions for large customers and networks. In recent years he is focused to obtain interesting projects, business strategies and marketing, to satisfy customers’ needs and developing the relations with clients, based on long-term quality services. During his career, he participated in projects in various countries in Europe and Asia.