What Is C4?

C4 is an integrated security system that provides a centralized multiuser solution for building security management.


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IIS Installation (Windows Server 2008)

C4 2015 released

We have released a new version C4 2015. This version of Integrated security system C4 brings you further optimization and a few improvements and new features:
  • Possibility to print visitor's safety guidelines
  • Possibility to delete visitors that have been inactive for predefined time period
  • New prioritized person's category: Manager
  • Easier access definition process
  • List of Present Persons now contains an information about last used doors
  • Possibility to change font type in Visualization for Button and Label elements
  • Added a new input sub-category: Key icon
  • Possibility to reset a windows layout in Monitor panel to default
  • Only an active (in Alarm) detector is shown in Emergency guidelines
  • Added EN-US language


How can I get C4?

C4 Integration Security System is performed exclusively by certified partners. View our list of partners to leverage the powerful integration of C4, and be a part of a unique development providing you the most efficient, flexible and resilient security system configuration.

Newest Partners

19.07.2015 - PBT Beveiliging en Telecom B.V. (NLD)
13.07.2015 - ARKO SECURITY (PRT)
01.07.2015 - ThinLines Sales Agent Ltd (CAN)


What’s integrated?

Select your security device and manage it by C4. C4 guarantees certified drivers approved by manufacturer representatives, authorized resellers and ensures maximum availability for your individual requirements.

Latest Certifications

14.07.2015 - KeyWatcher
21.04.2015 - Peridect+
17.03.2015 - UTC/2010-2