What Is C4?

C4 is an integrated security system that provides a centralized multiuser solution for building security management.


Take a look on what C4 offers you
Unified Device Controlling

C4 at Tri-Ed Sugar Shack Days in Ottawa on March 10th

Integrators, end users and consultants are cordially invited to visit Gamanet´s stand at famous Sugar Shack Days on March 10th in Tri-Ed Ottawa. New C4 DSC edition will be proudly presented. Special deals will be offered to attending integrators. No registration is required. Just come, have fun and learn new stuff. Anytime between 11.30AM - 2.30PM TRIED Ottawa 1290 Old Innes Road Units 701, 702


How can I get C4?

C4 Integration Security System is performed exclusively by certified partners. View our list of partners to leverage the powerful integration of C4, and be a part of a unique development providing you the most efficient, flexible and resilient security system configuration.

Newest Partners

03.02.2016 - Securpoint Srl (ITA)
17.01.2016 - EONMEDIA CO., LTD (KOR)


What’s integrated?

Select your security device and manage it by C4. C4 guarantees certified drivers approved by manufacturer representatives, authorized resellers and ensures maximum availability for your individual requirements.

Latest Certifications

15.12.2015 - VDG Sense
09.12.2015 - SeeTec Cayuga
03.12.2015 - APS