What Is C4?

C4 is an integrated security system that provides a centralized multiuser solution for building security management.


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C4 2014 has been released

We have released a new version of Integrated security system C4. C4 system in version 2014 comes with easier and faster workflow in Visitor module as well as in Persons, Devices and Regions tree. With regards to business activities and market requirements you can now select from up to 15 user environment languages.

List of new features you can find in this release:

  • PTZ - Pan, Tilt and Zoom support for camera systems
  • Holidays import and custom holidays definition
  • Ability to link the "Accept" and "Resolve" buttons in Alarm window with customizable actions
  • Ability to trigger a PowerShell script using pre-defined Automatic Action
  • Ability to display the Emergency guidelines from within the Alarm window
  • Faster workflow within the Visitor module
  • Persons, Devices and Regions tree workflow optimization
  • Additional languages support
  • Easier badge design workflow – Badge Designer
  • Ability to perform database backup and database restore directly from within Setup splash menu

Together with C4 2014 release we discontinue the release of further Service Packs for version C4 2012 after 2 years of support.
For PTZ support in desired camera system please send us a request to modify the related existing driver.



How can I get C4?

C4 Integration Security System is performed exclusively by certified partners. View our list of partners to leverage the powerful integration of C4, and be a part of a unique development providing you the most efficient, flexible and resilient security system configuration.

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What’s integrated?

Select your security device and manage it by C4. C4 guarantees certified drivers approved by manufacturer representatives, authorized resellers and ensures maximum availability for your individual requirements.

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