What Is C4?

C4 is an integrated security system that provides a centralized multiuser solution for building security management.


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New generation of C4

We announced we will introduce a new generation of C4 version 2016. You can download it from the customer zone and without the license you are able to test the optimizations and new features:
  • Modern design - Vector graphics / HiDPI display
  • Improved user experience - Adaptive User Interface, Autosave, Context, More information about the system
  • Support of module development by third parties
  • Security - Only HTTPS, Driver Sandboxing, Signed assemblies, Auditing
  • Native support crisis management - Touch screen, Alarm management, Command and Control
  • Auto detection of devices
  • Automatic upload of Access rights
  • Biometrics support
  • Trial licence for 2 months
  • C4 client Monitoring and Reports
  • Maps support
  • Users modifications of reports
  • Significantly increased robustness of the system (100 thousand people, devices)
  • More flexible shift work supplement – development of new functionalities
  • A simple video wall 3x3
  • Sophisticated replication model with HR systems
  • Read-across information – alarm – list of people
  • Support of Building Automation
In case you are interested in C4 2016 deploying, please send us the project information to support@gamanet.com two months in advance. So will be able to prepare the upgrade, drivers, trainings, tests and the deploying.


How can I get C4?

C4 Integration Security System is performed exclusively by certified partners. View our list of partners to leverage the powerful integration of C4, and be a part of a unique development providing you the most efficient, flexible and resilient security system configuration.

Newest Partners

13.05.2018 - Grosvenor Technology Limited (GBR)
21.03.2018 - Ekymos (FRA)


What’s integrated?

Select your security device and manage it by C4. C4 guarantees certified drivers approved by manufacturer representatives, authorized resellers and ensures maximum availability for your individual requirements.

Latest Certifications

22.02.2018 - NUUO
31.01.2018 - Wonderex CCTV
25.01.2018 - Digifort 7